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Whether you are considering emigrating to Portugal
or have already made the decision, Moving to Portugal
will help you on your journey to your new life in the sun.


Moving to Portugal

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Discover Portugal and the reasons why you should move here. Learn about the culture and find out the best places to live in Portugal.

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Learn everything you need to know about making your move to Portugal as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Find out the things you need to do and steps to achieve them once you’ve made your move to Portugal.

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Welcome to

Moving to Portugal

Helping people with their move to Portugal and the aspects that come with a life in the sun.

Deciding to move to Portugal isn’t as easy as packing a bag and getting on a ferry/plane or driving your car here. Believe us, we know. We’ve done it. Moving to Portugal was started to make your journey easier so you know exactly what to do along the way.

This is why

You Should Stick With Us

We’ve done it

We made the decision to pack up our life in the UK and move to Portugal as a family.

we’re living it

We’ve spent nearly four years in the country we now call home, with our son in local Portuguese school.

We’re learning it

Everyday is a learning day, with new challenges to overcome and we are sharing them with you.

Moving to Portugal
by us for you

Written by those who have done it for those thinking about moving or in the process.
Lessons learned, things to consider and what you need to know for a smooth move.

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